Our Vision Is Clear

POL was brought to life in South Western Sydney by Director, Daniel Nori, in 2005. At this time, Daniel worked as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and during this time was able to identify a void in the market in relation to Mortgagee in Possession sales. From here, Daniel believed he was able to provide a service of superior quality to clients whilst achieving their desired outcomes.

With this vision in mind, Daniel was able to develop a dynamic team of highly experienced professionals; all with a goal to exceed the expectations of their clients and to represent their interests to the highest standard.

As POL has evolved, Daniel identified that the sale of any property could greatly benefit from the involvement of Vendor Advocacy. The same model across all sales can be applied; with POL tailoring their business to focus on creating a seamless customer experience rather than just selling a service.

POL’s Core Values

At POL our core values are a strong part of our foundations. We believe the right company culture is a reflection of the services and care provided to our clients.


We take pride in everything we do. We believe in perfection and will not accept anything less. To be proud of something is to believe in the purpose of doing it.


Every client has a priority. We take complete ownership of each and every task; accepting responsibility of the quality and responsiveness for all of the services we provide.


Our business exists because of the loyalty and confidence of our clients, and they deserve to have it reciprocated. Here at POL, we believe loyalty to be the primary ingredient of successful, long-term relationships.

Why Choose POL?

Along with our core values, our team are dedicated to providing:

Proactive advice
Skillful Problem Solvers
Dedicated team players
Supportive staff from start to finish

The Brand

POL’s main objective is to put the puzzle pieces together. The puzzle pieces are symbolic of our cohesive relationship with business partners, vendors and internal and external stakeholders.

Our Team

Our team has been handpicked and crafted to create a diverse, experienced and passionate group of trusted advisors. We take great pride in all that we do and feel a great sense of achievement reaching our goals.

  • • Proudest achievement is his family; loves his wife and four children.
  • • Completed The Kokoda Challenge in 2008.
  • • Happy to have a crack at anything once.


Licensed Real Estate Agent, Justice of the Peace

  • • Graduated Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Communications
  • • Serbian Background


General Manager
Law Graduate, Licensed Real Estate Agent

  • • Wannabe MasterChef and walking recipe card.
  • • Keira used to play softball and has the nickname ‘Killer Keira’.


Operations Support Manager

  • • Olivia was a tennis protégé in her childhood.
  • • Has travelled to 12 countries.
  • • Can recite every episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Team Leader

  • • Italian background.
  • • Loves watching sporting events.
  • • Reads an average of six novels per month.


Team Leader

  • • Marni is heard wherever she goes.
  • • Dream job is a Midwife but scared of needles - loves a good birth story.
  • • The outdoors is Marni’s happy place, along with a BCF Shopping Spree.


Property Officer

  • • Loves snowboarding.
  • • Her name is pronounced ‘CH’ like chicken - ANT’ like the insect-‘A’-‘NA’


Operations Support Manager

  • • Other than spending time with her POL family, Kerrie loves travelling with her hubby and two teenage girls.
  • • Loves coffee and taking photos of sunsets and sunrises.


Internal Accountant

  • • Super-mum to four kids
  • • Can make the world’s best Acai Bowl.


Administrative Support

  • • Talented musician and singer.
  • • Has a love for movies and Chinese food.


Administrative Support

Here at POL Property Group, effective systems and procedures are vital in the services we provide to all of our clients. Our clients expectations are of the utmost importance and by aligning ourselves with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard we were able to understand and enhance the way these expectations are reflected in our work practices. In obtaining our Certification, POL Property Group have adopted a more formalised approach in relation to quality assurance measures; assisting the business to progress from strength to strength. Property Group are Certified for the “provision of Vendor Advocacy services for the financial sector and residential sales, within Australia.”

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