It’s what we know and what we have built our business around.

At POL we have over 14 years’ experience working within the financial services sector in managing Mortgagee in Possession(MIP) sales. It’s what we know and what we have built our business around. Working within the MIP space allows us to work with both prominent banks and smaller lending institutions. Given our experience with these lenders, we understand the obligations they must maintain for their customers.

Our strict internal policies protect the security of these clients and their customers. We have developed our web portal ePOL to facilitate our clients’ security obligations

Why Choose POL to be your Advocate?

POL can offer expertise in the following areas:

  • State Legislation relating to Pool and Electrical Compliance;
  • Dealing with Abandoned Goods;
  • Dealing with Abandoned Animals; and
  • Sourcing Building, Pest and Engineers Reports.

In understanding the obligations of our clients, POL have a great understanding of advertising requirements as well as the expectation for record-keeping throughout the entire process.

Our Process

1. Pre-eviction/Lock Change

Serve of legal documents, field calls, occupancy checks and drive-in appraisals.

2. Eviction/Lock Change

Liasing with mercantile agents, Sheriffs/Bailiffs, removalists in order to obtain possession. Facilitating supervised access for our client’s customers.

3. Source Real Estate Agent’s & Valuer

POL have developed an extensive database of Real Estate Agents who have proven results. Use of Panel Valuers, facilitating valutations, confirming costs and access requirements.

4. Select Real Estate Agent

Review and summarise multiple agent appraisals and valuation. Agent appraisals including market opinion, commission rate, marketing costs, repair and maintenance recommendations and method of sale.

5. Quote Process

Organisation of multiple quotes for repairs and maintenance required. Ensuring legislative requirements are met i.e. Smoke Alarm & Safety Switch, Pool Fence Compliance. POL summarise and provide comparable quotes, as well as further recommendations.

6. Comprehensive Project Management

Liaising with contractors to ensure works are carried out in a timely manner. Unexpected issues are dealt with promptly. Organisation of electricity and water connection when required.

7. Management of Marketing & Sale Through Until Settlement

Weekly vendor reports and recommendations, negotiation and presentation of offers, liaising with Real Estate Agents, Solicitors and Contractors until sold, confirmation of costs in the lead up to settlement.


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Our team are experts in vendor advocacy, residential sales, deceased estates and the financial sector. POL’s trusted advisors have over 14 years of industry experience, making us one of Sydney’s most trusted advisory brands. On-going support and dedication to results mean we are with you every step of the way.


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