At POL Property Group we are dedicated to making a difference to our communities. That is why we are proudly supporting Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). POL provide support to Aspect by:

  1. Participating in the student sponsorship program at Aspect MacArthur School in Cobbitty. This program facilitates funding for children on the autism spectrum, so they can access Aspect’s specialised, evidence informed schools program.
  2. Promoting the Aspect brand through our national business network.
  3. Participating in fundraising initiatives.

Aspect helps to change lives and ensure that no person on the spectrum is left behind.  For more information about the organisation or to see how you can help click on the ‘Donate’ button or Aspect logo on this page.

Reconciliation Action Plan

POL Property Group have developed a Reconciliation Action Plan, which identifies the ways in which the business acknowledges and engages with Indigenous culture. In developing a Reconciliation Action Plan, we at POL Property Group strive to raise awareness and make a difference in ways that are simple yet effective.

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