We help ease the burden by working as your Vendor Advocate in selling your loved ones property

Finding yourself left to manage a deceased estate can be an extremely overwhelming and emotional time. Marketing a family member’s home can be challenging. This is where POL can step in to help ease some of the burden. POL are able to assist in managing Deceased Estate sales nationwide.

Selecting the right Real Estate Agent to market the property can be difficult in itself. POL can step in and be your Vendor Advocate to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Why choose POL?

POL work as your Vendor Advocate to help arrange an independent valuation of the property, if required,whilst interviewing appropriate real estate agents to find the best person for the job.

Over the years our team have built relationships with some of the best real estate agents in Australia. Rest easy knowing that the model adopted for our other clients, whether they are members of the financial sector or your “Mum and Dad” Vendor,has also been implemented for Deceased Estates.

Rest easy knowing that the model adopted for the financial sector and residential sales sector has been implemented with our deceased estate’s program. At POL we appreciate the sensitivity of a deceased estate and understand that this is an emotional time for all family members.

Our Process

1. Confirming Instructions with Executor/s as Our Client

POL will liaise with the Executor/s or their solicitor as required to obtain a full set of instructions, ascertaining intentions regarding the real/personal property involved.

2. Sourcing Local Real Estate Agents

POL have developed an extensive database of Real Estate Agents who have proven results, as well as trusted valuers.

3. Submit Recommendations To Executor/s and Appoint a Real Estate agent

POL prepares a summary of the Agent’s appraisals (and the valuation if sourced) including market opinion, commision rate, marketing costs, repair and maintenance recommendations and method of sale.

4. Able to Facilitate Any Repairs & Maintenance/Project Management

POL is able to organise and facilitate the completion of any recommended repairs ensuring we provide a cost-effective option by reliable and trusted trades. Again, POL has developed an extensive database of contractors.

5. Management of Personal Items At The Property

POL can arrange for personal items to be photographed and valued, placed into a secure storage facility or delivered as requested by the Executor/s.

6. Marketing & Sales Through Until Settlement

POL provide:
  • Weekly reports and recommendations
  • Negotiation and presentation of offers
  • Liaising with real estate agents, solicitors, contractors and anyone involved in the sale process.

Team Leader

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Our team are experts in vendor advocacy, residential sales, deceased estates and the financial sector. POL’s trusted advisors have over 14 years of industry experience, making us one of Sydney’s most trusted advisory brands. On-going support and dedication to results mean we are with you every step of the way.


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